Best Strategies for Betting on T20 Cricket

The popularity of the T20 format of the cricket game is continuously rising ever since it was introduced. So much fast-paced action goes on in the 20-Over format of cricket that viewers stay glued to the screen at every ball throughout the match because each and every delivery carries a lot of weight and can change the outcome of the match. Betting on this format is also something which is catching up fast and if you are looking for ways to make the most of it, you’ve come to the right place.  We have curated the best strategies which can help you place winning bets on T20 cricket.

Bet Based on the Weather Conditions and Ground

At bluebet, we believe that you should be best prepared about a cricket match before placing your bet on a game and one of the foremost strategies which can help you place a winning bet is the weather conditions of the ground and the history of the ground where the match is going to be played. Just like with other formats of the game, the weather plays an important role on a T20 match.

You need to know if the pitch will be good for batting throughout the 40 overs of the game or if it’s the kind of surface on match day that the batting will get tougher as the overs progress. For instance, in Australia, we need to be aware of the drop in pitches. These are the kind of surfaces which have been prepared days in advance before the match away from the ground. Reputably, these pitches are difficult to play on as the game progresses and give the heavy hitters a hard time due to their slow pace.

Understand the In Play Value

The 20-Over format is a quick-paced game, and the odds can change invariably from one over to another as every ball plays an important role in the game.  You need to be wary of the fact that the odds change in the favour of one side to another’s in a jiffy, mate. Wouldn’t be surprising to see a fielding side be the likely winners of the game with 48 odd runs needed off the last 18 balls and then 4 sixes in an over change the tide massively in the favour of the batting team. Fluctuation in odds is something very common in the T20 game and that’s what makes the game so much more interesting to watch.

Of Dot Balls and Action

Every ball in the game – every ball is important. If you see a bowler pull off a couple of dot balls, you know you’re in for some real action. Dot balls put the batsmen under pressure and make them extra willing to go for a big shot in order to make up for the run rate they’re missing out on. This could end up in either a big hit for the batsman or a wicket for the bowler.

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