Betting on the Premier League

It’s underway, but who are the dead certs and who are likely to score/concede and who’s going to win it? And before you start, no! We aren’t talking about the darts.

So many questions and even more possibilities.

With an array of endless football games, bar the torrid international break that’s thankfully well and truly behind us. You’ll find every red top paper, online sports wannabe and twitter maniac claiming to have the weekend’s events nailed.

So how do you go about finding the trustful tipsters? Well, we believe in looking for the consistent, professional and down right down to earth, but that’s just us. And for all-round footy tipsters along with insightful Premier League match reviews you’ll go a long way to find anyone better than the Premier League tips from Footy Accumulators.

Once you’ve established you favourite contacts, how are you going to go about making the bet? It’s a tough one and we are naturally creatures of convenience. The majority of online bookmakers, though they share the same games, matches and whatever sporting event, all have completely different layouts, menu-options and priorities when it comes to displaying their odds, offerings and bookie deals.

Bookie of Choice

Once you have established your bookie of choice, it’s time to analyse the premier league. Again, we scour premier league reviews and can’t fault the impartial and relentless work done on the premier league reviews pages at Footy Accumulators. You can judge for yourselves by clicking this link.

The Tips

Like the Footy Accumulator guys do, check form, the team sheets – where possible. And then make a judgement call. You can bet on results within the premier league, across a selection of matches. You can build big paying accumulators that encompass markets from the games themselves. By this, we mean; are both teams in your selection likely to score, you can even go as far as predicting the score. Predictions like this, when bet can herald high returns on a relatively small stake.

One tip, is to keep an eye on the top 6 teams recognised as the established performers. But, be mindful of the power shifts, that happen not too often.

Look out for who the big movers sign pre-season too. How are their squads looking, do they have depth, is management looking solid and secure? All these factors filter down and can affect the squad, who’ll be performing week in, week out on the pitch.

Once the first few weeks’ worth of silly games is out of the way, you’ll get a good idea who’ll be coming in to form and knuckling down for the big marathon ahead. You are then still able to bet on the long-term football bets, such as – overall leading goal scorer, who’ll win or who’s looking at relegation. Done well, these can add to a nice little nest egg, come the end of season.

How do you do it? We’d love to hear your tips and insight.

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