7 Reasons Why You Should Get Into Paintballing

If you’ve ever been paintballing, you already know what I’m talking about, but if not, you’re missing out! Paintballing is fun, terrifying, exhilarating, inexpensive, and a really great way to spend your free time. Here’s seven reasons you should get into paintballing.

  1. It’s Cheap!

When you compare it against other options, like airsoft, paintballing is very cheap. When you get started, all you really have to pay for is site fees and gun hire, then buying your own paintball guns isn’t all that expensive. All in all, it’s very cheap.

  1. It’s Fun

Honestly, what’s more fun than racing around an awesome site, shooting at your mates, and trying to dodge getting shot? Put the video game controller down, and go and have a real experience on the paintball field.

You never know what true fun is till you manage to absolutely nail a member of the opposite team, from a hip fire position, while running at top speed. It’s the best.

  1. It’s Easy to Get Into

All you really need is a great local site. Once you’ve found that, and been a couple of times, renting equipment, then you can go out and buy your own gear.

When you’ve got your own guns and gear, it becomes really cheap, just site fees and ammunition. All you need is a bit of cash, a couple of mates and the will to get there and get shooting!

  1. Great for Stag Dos and Big Groups

Going paintballing in a big group of mates is always going to be the best fun you can have. Whether it’s a work group, or a stag do, getting everyone together and heading out for a little bit of paintball action is always going to be a great experience, perfect for a bit of teambuilding, or simply a great chance to shoot your mates.

  1. It’s Very Safe

Sure, getting hit with a paintball isn’t the most comfortable experience in the world, and you could hardly describe it as pleasant, but providing you’ve got the right safety equipment, as well as safe guns, and engagement ranges, your chance of getting hurt is actually very small. So go have fun, you’ll be fine!

  1. There’s Loads of Great Sites

The US is littered with amazing paintballing sites, whether that’s urban, woodland, mountainous, or desert, you can always find a great site near you. North America has a huge amount of spectacular terrain to fight on, so you can always find a terrific rural site.

If urban is more what you’re into, there’s plenty of great close-quarters, CQB paintballing sites out there. Prepare for some serious welts, though!

  1. Tons of Fun Scenarios to Play Out

From the ultra-militaristic, to zombie survival, to long weekend overnight events, there’s absolutely no end to the different scenarios and game ideas you can dream up in paintball. Sure, you can always have the straightforward team death match, or capture the flag, but there’s so much more you can do as well.

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