Horse Rugs – An Introduction

The equestrian world is steeped in history and heritage, and this really shines through in its selection of clothing. Whether you’re a rider or an enthusiast, there are lots of different options for you – from riding jackets, to breeches and much more. But it’s not just people that can enjoy equestrian wear. On the contrary, there is actually a wide variety of equestrian clothing for the horses themselves. Horse rugs are probably the most well-known part of the horse clothing line. These are similar to the jackets that people wear – protective material that surrounds a horse’s body to keep them protected from things like extremes of weather. Horse rugs are particularly useful in the colder seasons because they can provide thermal insulation even when the temperatures drop drastically. There are a number of brands who manufacture equestrian rugs, such as Mark Todd Equestrian Clothing and Jumpers Horse Line, both of whom are well-known for their high quality finishing techniques and materials.

Horse rugs are available in a lot of different forms to serve many different purposes. For example, the Mark Todd Equestrian Clothing line offers a fly rug (to keep insects of the horse), mesh cooler, and a number of turnout rugs too. The Jumpers Horse Line range of equestrian rugs also provides a wide selection to suit a variety of purposes. The turnout rug is a popular choice, offering protection from dirt and moisture whilst a horse is out on the field. If a horse is about to participate in horse trials, showjumping, or eventing of any kind, the last thing the rider wants is for the horse’s immaculate coat to be marred by kicked up mud or any other kind of debris that could be in the fields. For this reason a horse rug is always recommended.

Both Mark Todd Equestrian and Jumpers Horse Line horse rugs are made from top quality materials, and each rug is constructed differently. There is a big difference between a summer horse rug and a middleweight or winter horse rug. The latter tend to have filling, or padding, which keeps the horse warm whilst they are out in the field. On the other hand, the mesh rugs can actually cool a horse by providing it with shade from the direct sunlight – these can also keep bugs away from the horse to avoid bites or other injuries.

Overall, if you’re a horse rider or owner, you will definitely benefit from investing in a good quality horse rug. The Mark Todd and Jumpers Horse Line brands are some of the best quality you’ll find on the market, so they may be a great place to start looking for a rug of your very own.

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