Injustice 2: Basics of Combat

Whether the gamers like to enjoy the game offensively with a great damage output or build an unbreakable defense to wear down the enemy over time.  Injustice 2 offers lots of powerful teams that users can fabricate according to their desire.  Always enhance the special abilities of the in-game character and support them to damage the opponent more during battle.  Utilize Hero Shards to boost the star ratings of the hero. First of all, you need to pay attention to enhancing the first four characters abilities i.e. Batman, Quinn, Harley, Wonder Woman or Cat Woman, then focus on boosting the other rare avatars when you gain them in the game.  Most importantly, when you will able to attain the powerful heroes, such as an Arkham Knight Batman as well as Blademaster Robi, then must take them in the combat.  However, if you want to gain them now, check out injustice 2 hack cheats.

Battle Manual

At the time of battle, one of the common combos that will support you is a 3-hit tapping combo.  It is best to utilize the combos and special moves when you are fighting with the opponent a close combat. Always try mix up your attack pattern.  Otherwise, the enemy will break through your attack instantly, if he successfully attains any common thing in the battle pattern.   When your heroes are low in health, then immediately try to attack opponent with the special combo.  In addition, try to pay attention on the red bolt over the enemy’s head, because it’s a sign that opponent going land a powerful attack.  Be ready to dodge that combo and become an ultimate player on the battlefield.  You can also use injustice 2 android hack to become one instantly.

Resources Tasks And Operations Brief

Send the hero to various operations and missions in order to gain some in-game resources and enhance their level faster.  Upgrade your operation mission level with the support of gems.  Don’t worry; you will attain more gems if the level of these missions is enhanced.  Heroes assigned for operation tasks will have much convenient time accomplish it.  Also grow the Threat level of your character so they gain better missions.  As for regular Resource Missions, finishing will offer you XP Capsules as a reward.  The class of the hero differs every day, so check the detail of character before you take them on a mission.  However, if are facing any sorts of complications in these operations, then check out injustice 2 mobile hack and become great injustice game player.